Sepo Musokotwane

Senior Impact Consultant

Dr. Sepo is Head of Reaserch at Thebe Investment Managment, where she heads impact research and consulting  for various organisations, including GreenCo. Dr. Sepo was the former assistant Dean in the School of Business at the University of Lusaka where she was and is still known as the most innovative instructor always looking at domino effects of impact linkages across sectors and assessing the pan-African business environment. She developed (SIFOMISA) a socio-economic impact framework of mining in sub-Saharan Africa. Her work showed that macro and meso-elements of the natural resource curse theory as well as micro-elements of LED theory in a dynamic relationship formed a more robust framework to assess the socio-economic impact of mining in mining communities. She started impact research in 2007. Her quest for harmonized methodologies on impacts in Africa is fascinating and marked with devotion as she believes this is cardinal to understand how to unlock trillions of dollars in impact Investment. She got her B.A. in Biology at McDaniel College, her MSc in International Business Management at the University of Surrey, and her PhD in Management at the University of Witwatersrand.

REF 37

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