GreenCo is:

  • A creditworthy buyer of renewable energy
  • GreenCo buys power from independent power producers (IPPs), utilities and SAPP competitive markets
  • A reliable and affordable seller of renewable energy GreenCo sells power through long-term contracts to utilities and private buyers; it also executes shorter-term trades through the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP)
  • A champion of new renewable energy and trading services
  • An aggregator of risk
  • Strongly capitalised, GreenCo warehouses credit risk of utilities and private buyers, resulting in reduced tariffs
  • An operational aggregator of renewable energy supply
  • A scalable business that will cover the entire SADC market



  • Increased power capacity through new renewable energy generation
  • Lower tariffs through increased efficiency of electricity sector
  • Wider economic benefits through greater employment and private capital investment
  • Environmental benefits

  • Bankable Long Term PPAs – 15 – 25 year Tenor
  • Backed by Liquidity Buffers (lasting 12-15 months in a hypothetical worst case and at least 60 months in any realistic downside scenario)
  • Carbon Credits/ Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Cross Border energy supply
  • Dynamic Asset Optimisation and Data Analytics
  • Trade excess power from existing plants/ those with other offtakers

  • Affordable green power supply
  • Long term (up to 20 years), fixed price Power Supply Agreements
  • 24×7 availability (where technically feasible)
  • Data Analytics
  • Asset Optimisation

* Targeted at users with connections > 1MW