Request For Qualifications (RFQ) in respect of a 10-40MW solar PV IPP plant

GreenCo Power Services Limited (GreenCo), a subsidiary of Africa GreenCo Group,  invites power developers (Respondents) to participate in a Request For Qualifications (RFQ) in respect of a 10-40MWAC solar PV IPP  plant to supply energy to GreenCo under a long-term PPA (Pilot Project). The qualification stage of the procurement process will be  followed by a request for proposals from qualified Respondents as per the timelines laid out in the RFQ. 

The Pilot Project will not only add much needed renewable energy supply in Zambia but importantly also aid in the implementation  of the wider Government of Zambia (GRZ) objectives for the development of the Zambian Energy Supply Industry (ESI). The Pilot  Project will generate up to 80GWh of power per year, which will be allocated to a mix of large consumers and utilities in Zambia, and  regional competitive markets. 

The Pilot Project is likely to be the first project in Zambia to take advantage of the new open access regime introduced by GRZ under  the Electricity Act 2019 and the Energy Regulation Act 2019 (New Legislation). The Pilot Project will provide a practical focus for  GreenCo and GRZ stakeholders to work together for the refinement and implementation of the New Legislation, including clarifying  the allocation of responsibilities and wheeling/ balancing/ system operations costs among market participants.  

Accordingly, through the RFQ, GreenCo aims to select a Respondent with the relevant competencies, capacity and experience  to setup solar PV projects in Zambia, and willing to engage with GreenCo and relevant GRZ stakeholders on the evolution of the  framework governing the Pilot Project. The Pilot Project will have a significant demonstration effect on the Zambian ESI, and act as a  pathfinder for future IPPs in Zambia and the rest of the region where similar regulatory changes are being introduced. 

Interested Respondents are requested to go to for further information, and to submit their  requests for qualification and subsequently their Proposals. The last date for submitting requests for qualification for the Pilot  Project is Sunday 21st March 2021.  

Expression of Interest for Supply of Renewable Power in Zambia 

GreenCo also invites power consumers in Zambia having annual power requirements in excess of 5 GWh to register their interest  in purchasing power from GreenCo. Further information and a template for submitting Expressions of Interest is available on 

About GreenCo 

GreenCo is funded by Denmark’s Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) and Private Infrastructure Development Group’s  InfraCo Africa. For more information please see: and 

GreenCo should like to thank all its partners and investors and in particular the Government of Zambia and its stakeholders (Ministry  of Energy, Ministry of National Development Planning, ZESCO, ERB, DOE, OPPPI (amongst others)) for their continued support for the  Pilot Project and leadership in the delivery of transformative changes and new renewable energy generation to the energy sector  in Zambia.