COP 22 Panel confirms broad support for  Africa GreenCo concept

We would like to thank all of our COP 22 panelists for their invaluable contribution during our COP 22 side event. The unanimous conclusion being that AGC could help create a liquid regional power market by:

  • Adding liquidity and efficiency to the regional power pools and driving integration on the back of a multi buyer model
  • Reducing the cost of capital and the credit risk profile of underlying portfolio projects and the wider power sector through a strong balance sheet, diversification and trading capabilities
  • Lowering contingent liabilities of utilities and sovereigns and therefore creating headroom for further investment in the rehabilitation of utilities
  • Creating new opportunities to share and mitigate risks and lowering transaction costs
  • Applying international best practice and leveling the playing field through standardized terms thus increasing the number of bankable projects
  • Creating a more favourable investment environment for a wider universe of investors • Increasing the potential for refinancing–giving confidence to upfront lenders and helping to bring long term capital market / institutional investors engagement
  • Facilitate the move towards local currency denominated PPAs by facilitating an increase in local currency lending to power projects.


The Africa Energy Forum

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